Cosmic Canvas: PI Edition

These videos are complete processing sessions from beginning to end using PixInsight. Each of the objects in the collection have their own unique processing paths (as is generally the case) and so there is something different to learn with each one. However, in order to fully appreciate the techniques and decisions that are made it is best to have already reviewed the lessons available in PixInsight Fundamentals.


The objects below are the currently available recordings in the PI Edition of the Cosmic Canvas.  These lessons are available to subscribers of PI Horizons. Just to be clear- these data sets themselves are of significant value. The most recent ones were take with 0.6m and 1.0m telescopes from Chile... 

NGC 3981: Wind Blown Mystery

NGC 2835: Southern Spiral Beauty

GUM 15: Stellar Winds in the Sails of Vela

NGC 6250: Subtle Sparkle

NGC 6888: A Jellyfish in a Cosmic Ocean

The Fireworks of NGC 6946
NGC 3614
Eta Draconis Nebula 
Ou4 Nebula Narrow Band
C/2021 A1 (Comet Leonard) P a t r e o n
NGC3199 Narrow Band
M13 Globular Cluster P a t r e o n
Narrow Band Rosette Nebula P a t r e o n

M51 with H-alpha (Continuum Subtraction)



C2022E3(ZTF) 2023_01_13

C2022E3(ZTF) 2023_01_21

C2022E3(ZTF) 2023_01_22