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C2022E3(ZTF) 2023-01-13


Published January 2023.

Comet data from 2023-01-13

Note: Please give this video the lowest weight. The later comet videos are better. 

A word of caution... this is an entirely impromptu processing session. Zero preparation- you are seeing as I did it. 

It is likely I will do this again if I have a chance to take another picture of this when it is closest to the Earth.

UPDATE- I did it! You can watch the best current method for comet processing HERE!

WBPP Setup


11 minutes








Stars DBE and SPCC


12 minutes

Starless Comet


16 minutes


Starless Comet RGB DBE Reduce Residuals


24 minutes




20 minutes


Final Blend and Wrap Up


4 minutes