The PixInsight Path

The videos listed below are the most update-to-date versions of the information I have on the topics of interest AND they are in the order I suggest you view them. My site has grown so much that I now need to highlight the core Fundamental material in a logical order. The items listed here will be starred or marked in the full collection so that you can see the other videos in the full collection you have not yet reviewed.

This does not mean you should not watch all of the videos! Far from it... but the path below I feel will be a more streamlined and efficient path to follow in learning PixInsight and image processing in general. Sometimes it might not (initially) seem clear why I have ordered things in this way- but I promise I have given much thought to this. This list represents my answer in terms of organization of content you must see. FastTrack training is a must. Items 2-14 or so are considered "QuickStart" content. You will see later at around #50 where you have accumulated enough knowledge to fully appreciate the first full workflow video.


  1. FastTrack Training (all videos)
  2. Views and Interface Controls
  3. Processes, Instances and Real Time Display
  4. Previews
  5. Previews Update
  6. Normalized Data Representation
  7. Readout Preview Update (watch first)
  8. Readout Mode  (Older video with more good information)
  9. Scripts (Installing and Using)  (2 videos with information to read)
  10. Templates and Icons Update (a philosophy)
  11. Templates and Icons (the original video with more information)
  12. History Explorer
  13. File Explorer
  14. All About Projects and Files
  15. Second Instance of PixInsight (good to know)
  16. Comparing Views (Images, includes Blink) (Third video is optional)
  17. STF and Histogram Transformation (all videos)
  18. STF Utilization from Stretch Academy
  19. Non-Linear Images (In Depth)
  20. Cosmetic Correction
  21. WBPP: Calibration of Astronomical Images   MUST SEE!
  22. WBPP: Flat Darks and Dark Frame Optimization  MUST SEE!
  23. WBPP: A Brief Tour : Loading Data
  24. WBPP: A Brief Tour : Master File Creation
  25. WBPP: A Brief Tour : Calibration Panel
  26. WBPP: A Brief Tour : Post Calibration Tasks
  27. WBPP: Managing Master Files in WBPP
  28. WBPP: Cosmetic Correction
  29. WBPP: CMOS OSC Configuration example (with Flat Darks)
  30. WBPP: CMOS OSC Configuration with Biases
  31. WBPP: Mono LRGB Configuration with Interactive LN (2 parts)
  32. WBPP: Grouping with Custom Keywords
  33. WBPP: Grouping for Multiple Nights Demonstration
  34. WBPP: Using the Pedestal Feature (Narrowband Imagery)
  35. Manual Calibration (good to learn and see once)
  36. DBE Explanation of Parameters and Setup
  37. DBE 2022 Update
  38. DBE Usage
  39. DBE Common Misattribution
  40. PCC and SPCC  (comments after FastTrack Training)
  41. PCC and SPCC Astrometry  (small overlap with the above, with more info)
  42. SPCC the Process
  43. SPCC Background Neutralization
  44. Masks: Fundamental Concepts
  45. Simple Mask Math (do not worry about the Pixel Math)
  46. Another Mask Demonstration
  47. Object Masks Part 1
  48. Object Masks Part 2 (Deconvolution)
  49. Range Masks
  50. Star Masks (MLT)
  51. NGC 1333 Workflow (you now know enough to follow along in a *real* Workflow session)
  52. Pixel Math (work through these and take time to learn Pixel Math)
  53. Image and Process Containers 
  54. Substitution Script
  55. ColorMask Script
  56. Image Integration Primer: Fluctuations
  57. Image Integration Primer: Part 2
  58. Image Integration Primer: Part 3
  59. Image Integration Primer: Part 4
  60. Image Integration 2023 Part 1
  61. Image Integration 2023 Part 2
  62. Image Integration 2023 Part 3
  63. FastIntegration Part 1
  64. FastIntegration Part 2
  65. Introduction (Normalization)
  66. Normalization Primer (Optional)
  67. Local Normalization 
  68. Through the Looking Gas (Intro to Weighting Schemes)
  69. New Normalization and Weighting in PixInsight Part 1
  70. New Normalization and Weighting in PixInsight Part 2
  71. Image Weighting in PixInsight Part 1
  72. Image Weighting in PixInsight Part 2
  73. Image Weighting in PixInsight Part 3
  74. Image Weighting in PixInsight Part 4
  75. Linear Fit: Part 1 (Theory)
  76. Scattered Light (Linear Fit)
  77. Color Saturation
  78. HDRMT Lagoon Nebula (Simple Example)
  79. HDRMT Usage (NGC 2022)
  80. Pixel Insertion
  81. Substitution Script
  82. HDRMT with Pixel Substitution (NGC 4691)
  83. Fundamental Workflow Updates (M42 with HDRMT, SPCC, BXT, NXT...etc)
  84. Morphological Transformation Part 1
  85. Morphological Transformation Part 2
  86. SCNR
  87. To Screen or Unscreen (SXT)
  88. A Guide to MLT and MMT (video collection)
  89. NEW Selective Rejection with GAME!!! 
  90. LRGB Blending
  91. LRGB Combination: Learning from a Mistake
  92. Calculate Gain and Read Noise
  93. Drizzle (from the Horizons collection)
  94. Drizzle Example (from Horizons)
  95. NGC 300 Workflow  (OSC)
  96. NGC 3486 Workflow (LRGB)