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The following video chapters highlight the core functionality of PixInsight. There are generally multiple sections within each chapter. 

The new "Fundamental PixInsight Path" lists all of the core tutorials in the order that they should be viewed (and contain the most up-to-date versions of each that are available). There are more videos in the entire Fundamentals collection and those with an asterisk (*) are marked as the ones found on the "path." You should definitely review off-path videos as well!

If after FastTrack and QuickStart!  if you *must* jump right into the step-by-step (without knowing the "why"), you can then go to the Fundamental Workflow sections and review examples such as LDN 183, M83  and M42 as well as many others.  Really though... please do FastTrack and Quickstart first!.


The most up-to-date and logical path to watch core Fundamentals Videos:

The Fundamental PixInsight Path New *


Full Fundamentals Collection 

(The sections below (scroll down!!)  contain ALL of the videos of Fundamentals. Many are on the path above, but not all.)