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“I dont have an inquiry, just some comments. After watching a good number of your videos, I wanted to reach out and offer my thanks to you. i've watched a lot of Pixinsight instructional videos at this point. The distinction I would make between your courses vs many others, is kind of like comparing the experience of learning to paint with watercolor (understanding the tools, the rules, etc) to going out to a paint by numbers activity. Its not just that my images look better (which is great), its that I am a better imager. My images look better because I now understand what I could be doing differently, not just following a set instructions that may or may not work on the next image. You've helped me build a foundation upon which I can grow with confidence, curiosity, and wonder. On a very personal level, I've been going through a very rough time in my life and the gift of your courses could not have been better timed. Finally, I'd like to add that when I was first diving in, I opened I submitted an inquiry through the site regarding trouble I was having with finding the fast track videos. you took the time to reach out personally and ensure I could find them. The time you spent both helping me find those classes, as well as the enormous amount spent on your amazing courses - mean a great deal to me. Thank you for sharing your gifts, and enriching this hobby for so many folks."


-   JS USA

 In response to a question on a user group:

"Many videos of PI are hours and hours of studying. Are you saying you only need those few processes to get the posted image? I’d love to know your secret sauce. Maybe you are in very good dark sky to begin with?"


“ The "secret" is understanding the tools in PI. I watched a handful of Youtube videos on PI which were well-meant, but awful. They suggested just plugging in pre-cooked numbers into the tools without regard for the image, the curves or any understanding of what they were trying to accomplish. So my "secret sauce" is this: the Adam Block videos. They are dense, because he is not only teaching you PI, but also basics of digital astrophotography. If you like my image, then I suggest you watch his stuff. He has a ton of free videos on youtube in addition to the paid ones. Honestly, I can't say enough about how much I've learned from them in a short time. I am not affiliated with Adam, nor am I trying to suck up. I'm just grateful."


-   JM USA

“Adam, I just wanted to let you know how your videos and other material has helped me with this amazing hobby. I have been a photographer for about 60+ years. I attended a Milky Way workshop and got hooked on night photography. I now have a nice setup: Askar V, ASI2600MC Pro, iOptron CEM26 and shoot from my driveway in Bortle 2 skies. I have have gone through most of your PixInsight courses and what a difference they have made. As a retired engineer, I love your level of detail and find myself watching many numerous times to glean everything I can. I have followed along on many and your videos on GHS changed my workflow for the better. Last Sunday, Orion is finally getting over the mountain across the valley from my house and did two hours of data. While my usual subs are 3-4 minutes, I went to 30 second subs (240 of them). Stacked in PixInsight and went through the processing. Here is the result. I think your GHS process helped me a lot. Thanks for all you have done for us learning Astrophotography."


-   DC USA


“Just wanted to say thanks for all the videos. I started off with Nico during the pandemic, my N850 and taking 2 sec shots. After 3 years I've bought the Star Adventurer Gti and that's it. My wife won't let me have a telescope in the house! I remember in high school no one would sign up for I sat in Physics and read the astronomy books in the corner that were never used, became a pilot now - so I'm thankful for being able to look at the night sky on a moonless night. But your videos and instruction are truly a good gift and hobby for me."


-   SO USA

“Hi Adam, I'm enjoying working through the Fundamentals course, having completed the FastTrack training. I just wanted to say that as a retired spectroscopist and physical scientist I consider myself well-versed in handling linear and nonlinear transformations, but I thought your video "Nonlinear images (in depth)" was absolutely outstanding, and the use of the grayscale tablet to illustrate the effect of the histogram transforms was absolutely inspired. This is probably the clearest explanation of nonlinear transformations that I have ever seen in layman's terms. I hope people take the time to watch this rather than just skip on to running workflows!"


-   NE  


“I subscribed to your wonderful Fundamentals course and am up to video #23! I have a scientific background and I can tell that your choice of words in your videos is very carefully done and very mindful of language ambiguities, a thing that I care very much about. You pay attention to details, but you do so intelligently by not fixating on unnecessary precision. I get really annoyed by the lack of scientific rigor when it's needed, and you don't disappoint! I've often given courses of atmospheric science to laymen audiences and I see myself in you when I see you taking the time to *explain* *why* things are the way they are, *even* if they are laypeople. I really appreciate this concern of yours in that regard. A silly aside, but what the heck: I'm French speaking (Québec) and... your English pronunciation is superb 😆! Combined with your slow pace, the clear and mindful explanations, your videos are a joy to listen to and easy to follow."


-   RH  CAN

“Adam, I just wanted to say thank you. I joined about a year ago and have enjoyed all of your work. It has been crucial to my Astrophotography journey particularly with PixInsight. I feel that I am at the point to now to be dangerous :) As a retired technical sales engineer, demos, training, and mentoring is in my DNA and your style is outstanding. If I were still working, I would require my direct reporters to watch your videos and learn effective ways of communicating. You are absolutely outstanding! Again, thank you for all that you do. It's amazing how much you have put together with such quality. I watch literally everyday or when I have a question with PixInsight. Warmest Regards.."


-   RD  USA


“A quick note to Adam. Thanks for making these great videos. I've spent many years in higher education pursuing my degrees (DVM, PhD, certification in pathology - crazy I know). Your teaching and explanation of concepts are some of the best I've experienced. I'm retired now so astrophotography is not only an avocation but an avenue for continued learning and wonderment. Your videos and ability convey complex concepts, especially to those who didn't initially follow a path of image processing and mathematics, are unrivaled. Thanks for contributing your time and hard work to those of us who really enjoy continued learning about this beautiful and complex topic."


-   JB  USA

“I wanted to tell you first of all: Thank you! I have seen more than half of the videos in the course and in all of them there is something I did not know, your level of knowledge is really impressive. (I imagined that it would be like this because when I watched your Youtube videos, I always learned especially why a certain process was done). I must also tell you that I cheated a bit because I saw several of the workflow videos and at times you really blew my mind! The strategies and decisions that you made to solve certain problems that without a doubt, you have to have a lot of knowledge to do, are impressive. This amazed me! I also tell you that I was able to download and translate all the videos without problems.  I am a retired teacher and I am really taking advantage of my time to learn from your work. On top of that, 23 nights in a row have been either cloudy or windy, or both, but at this time in Neuquén, Argentina, the weather is like that because the snowfall began in the Cordillera, in short, I think I bought your course at the right time. What's more, I think that soon I will make another effort and buy Horizons! Well, I just wanted to tell you my opinion as well as apologize if there are errors in the writing of this text since I use the google translator to do it."


-   AA  Argentina


“Good Evening Adam. I just wanted to thank you!! I purchased the Stretch Academy quite a few months back. Shortly afterwards I purchased Fundamentals. I have gotten so much out of your lessons. I refer back to them time and time again. I love the way you go so in depth with each process or script. It really helps me understand what each one is doing. So again, a big Thank You!!!"


-   BM  Oregon


“I must say that I like your style of teaching. The fact that you are taking time to explain everything in detail. This is unlike "other trainings" where the focus is on "click here and then click there", without actually explaining the "why". Thank you for the trainings."


-   SB  

“Although I am only part of the way through Adam's videos, what has impressed me most is his very detailed and thorough presentations of the Pixinsight interface and the basic tools that make up the user interface. His presentations are not rushed, professionally prepared and delivered, and frequently updated with new addendums as the tools of Pixinsight are in a constant state of development and improvement. I especially like his "big picture" approach to understanding each process tool and the slow stepwise development of an in-depth understanding of the various boxes and data options contained in the process tools. In summary, if you are trying to decide if Adam Block's tutorials will be worth the money spent, I say yes and then some."


-   TM  USA


“Hi Adam, Just wanted to say thank you for offering such a fantastic training course. I struggled for weeks hunting and pecking on google and YouTube, picking up a bit here and there but not really understanding the reasons behind why certain things were being suggested, combined with the fact that PixInsight changes so fast that nothing is up to date. I appreciate the way you explain things clearly but without being overly verbose, and ESPECIALLY appreciate your keeping everything 100% current and up to date. That definitely sold me on your courses and I've purchased both the FastTrack and your Fundamentals course. Well worth the price. Thanks again! Jeff"


-   JN  USA

“I’ve been trying to learn Pixinsight for a couple of months. (Various sources which will remain anonymous.) Your course, FUNDAMENTALS, is absolutely the most logical, thorough, and well thought out approach by far. In a couple of days, I have progressed well beyond what I’ve learned in a couple months by hunting and pecking. Thanks, you are a master! Keep up the good work Adam, it is appreciated."


-   MB  USA


“By the way, thank you for all the great things you provide to us and I may say that your Adam Block Studios are for me the “Single source of Truth“ with respect to PI."


-   DW  Germany


“Today's NASA APOD is my first! I'm still in shock. I owe you, Adam Block, a big THANK YOU for your incredibly detailed tutorials which are the best I have ever seen! You're a profound inspiration! I doubt that this APOD would have been possible without membership to Adam Block Studios. I've learned so much and still have much to learn. I'm looking forward to more rich content. Here is a link to today's APOD: "



“I am now waist deep in the fundamentals course. I just needed to tell you that you are a great teacher. I am not sure what I am more impressed with - you or PixInsight. I am reminded of a poem by John Keats - On First Looking into Chapman's Homer. There's a line in it that describes how powerful he found that translation of Homer:

"Then I felt like some watcher of the skies When a new planet swims into his ken; Or like stout Cortez when with eagle eyes He star'd at the Pacific."  -Keats


Fine job, Adam. Truly.

-   CS   USA

“OMG what a difference. I bit the bullet and signed up for Adam Block's FastTrack course the $ was worth every cent. Excellent explanations and his style suits my feeble mind too. Explaining so much of what actually is happening and why and his tips etc...mind you its only a very beginning but I feel far more confident now with everything right up to before the real processing begins. So impressed I have now just signed up for his Fundamentals course which is $180 but because I did the Fasttrack it comes off so it was $120..US$ of course so more expensive for us here in OZ. I have to say now I see light at the end of the tunnel and am much happier about PI

-   MK   ASTL


“I want to also recommend Adam Block's tutorials. He goes slowly and in depth -- you won't get left behind. He covers the interface of PI as well as processing and techniques, so you can learn how to edit your photos, but also how to use PI and the concepts behind it. The latter two things I found lacking in pretty much every other tutorial out there. It's well worth the money and if you're gonna get into it, definitely give them a shot.

-   Cloudy Nights Forum candid comment









 Candid Discussion on Facebook2022-02-26 )

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“I really enjoy your instruction. I have been thrashing around with Photoshop and other software, making very little progress for several years. With your instruction and Pixinsight I feel like I have hit the floor running and I am actually producing some nice images.

-   JD USA

“Hi Adam! Wanted to thank you as I am one of your online students (subscriber to Adam Block Studios.) Although I’ve just started AP in August 2020 with no background in photography or anything, by watching and following your instructional courses, my picture above was selected as a Notable Submission to APOD! Mind you, the data was acquired as a test target as I had just received a new cam (ASI2600mm) and filters so was testing to get the correct backspacing. Although the stars were still terrible, I used your NGC 3486 as a tutorial to process M31 and the end result was still beyond my expectations. Sincere thanks-

-   IG


I have taken numerous courses in PI. Therefore, I reluctantly signed on to your series only to find that because of your hard work , I have advanced beyond all measure. I wish to thank you for your outstanding contribution to AP. Regards and hope you continue your journey for you have made an outstanding contribution to mine. Steve

-   SP USA


“Well, your dastardly scheme worked, since I have now gone and become a Fundamentalist (after doing FastTrack Training). But I have to tell you, you have completely changed my view of Pixinsight, which I had thought was just going to gather dust on my computer’s virtual shelf since I could not get my brain wrapped around the UI. So now the scales have fallen from my eyes and I have become a true believer. Hallelujah!

-   USA





“I have spent time and money researching various astrophotography processing tutorials. Some I found a waste of time and others fair. After getting several recommendations from Cloudy Nights, I decided to start with Adam Block’s Pixinsight Fasttrack series. It was outstanding to the point where I immediately followed up with his Fundamentals series. It is not just that the content is helpful and offers top-notch learning methods - his communication style is easy to understand and keeps your attention. He obviously has spent a lot of time perfecting his public speaking skills.


“I just completed the Fast Track training and just purchased Fundamentals. You are a gifted presenter, as well as one of the top astro imagers in the world. I have admired your work for many many years! These videos taught me more than all of the countless hours I have spent looking through YouTube combined. I'm looking forward to mastering PixInsight just as I have mastered Photoshop. I was one of the beta testers for Adobe back in 1989 and have watched it mature into the application it is today. I am a recently retired professional commercial photographer with 43 years in the industry, and now look forward to using all of my accumulated skills to apply to this new venture. Thank you for all of the effort that went into producing all of this work.

-  MS   USA



“My goodness-- this (FastTrack Training) has to be one of the clearest, easiest to follow, most informative video courses I have taken in ages! I had thought I might have thrown a bunch of money away buying Pixinsight, since it seemed so opaque to me. But not anymore! What a great application! Thank you for opening it up to me!.

-  JG   USA


“I've been working my way through PixInsight Fundamentals, and every time I learn something new I feel compelled to reprocess all my previous images. Thankyou Adam, for some superb insights. If only I didn't have to sleep.

-  JD   USA


“I purchased Fundamentals last week and I am so impressed. Next to my mount, its the best money I've spent. If I would like to upgrade to Horizons, how do I go about that? Thanks so much

-  JS   USA


“After three years of using PI nearly every day I picked up some additional information watching a few of the Fundamentals videos. I really like the analytical approach and explanation of each tool set. NO ONE else explains as well as you do. So the Fundamentals are helping me change some of my process icons to work more effectively.

-  RH   USA


The way you teach Fundamentals is great! I have been fumbling around YouTube videos on Pixinsight for about a year now. Your classes have already exceeded my knowledge base in the first week!

-  GK   USA


“I wish I would have found your tutorials a year ago…I have been struggling and not getting much satisfaction from all the tutorials around…they tell you, use these and those settings, never explaining why. Very infuriating…..I want to know what every number means! And, you are doing that. I wonder if you could make your tutorials more visible. It would have made so much of a difference, and I wonder how many newbies like me, just get discouraged. You are an outstanding instructor: Not only you simplify complex concepts, but it seems you KNOW what it takes for a newbie to understand…repetition, exercises and discussions of the exercises; making yourself available for questions; knowing what are the likely steps in which a trainee is likely to stumble on, and how to overcome the challenges. I needed to say this, because I REALLY appreciate your teachings. These should be “required/ or perhaps encouraged” lessons to be part of the PI forum. I see so much opinion without fundament, when it could not be that hard to provide a more firm path to understanding and good imaging practices. Thank you Adam! Also, your new introduction to your web site makes so much more sense; I also wanted to thank you for being humble and willing to hear criticism… So, in my mind you have earned the World Best Pixel in Paradise (WBPP) award!!

-  VB   USA

“I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that I finished your Fundamentals course. I can't believe how much I learned!! I really thought I knew Pixinsight, having used it for 7+ years, but after I completed your WONDERFUL course, I realized that I hadn't even scratched the surface! I've been touting your course to all my contacts on various Forums. To be honest, I thought that the Fundamentals would be some help....I had NO IDEA how much help it was, and will continue to be. It's now a permanent part of my library of tutorials for Pixinsight. You have a GREAT way of making things that are very complicated, very straightforward and, actually, simple! I would highly recommend to anyone that's into astrophotography, they take your course. I just wanted you to know how very pleased I am, having taken your course and I intend on signing up for Horizons to continue my processing journey.....

-  TP   USA


“I want to thank you for all the great information in your Fundamentals and Horizons courses. It is great to understand how the different tools work and figure out what to use to solve a problem. I have been playing around at this hobby for just a couple of years, and decided one of my goals would be to receive some recognition for my images. I have an 8 inch scope and live in cloudy NH, so this has been a challenge... I recently submitted M63 to Astrobin and got my first Top Pick, and I really do attribute that to taking your courses.


“Just want to say that I’m really impressed by your course. Very structured, feels like listening to a professional teacher who likes his job. I’ve just finished the FastTrack section and... wow! I’ve been toying around with PI, but now I start understanding what I have to do!!! Really great!! Looking forward to try this knowledge on my scarce data, haha! And now on to fundamentals... thus far it has all been a joy to watch.

-  KPK    Netherlands


“I have loved the FastTrack training - I literally couldn't stop watching because of how helpful it was. I'm ready to upgrade to the Fundamentals...

-  MM    USA

“Of all the resources that I have used, I highly recommend subscribing to Adam Block’s Pixinsight tutorials, both the Fundamentals and Horizons, if you are serious about learning Pixinsight. Its more than 60 hours of instruction so it takes a serious investment of time to get the most out of it, but I have seen the fruits of such an investment in my own images. If you are serious about astrophotography, I think that Pixinsight is worth it in every sense of the phrase. I am now going back to old data sets from 2-3 years ago and reprocessing often more than once. Most importantly, I now think more about what I want to do and how to use the tools in PI to get result I am looking for rather than just going through a script blindly and getting a canned or suboptimal result. Recently, I came to a situation with an image that just did not fit what I had previously done with similar data and I was able to think my way through it. I can now make conscious and informed choices with specific goals in mind at each step and know what knobs to tweak to get there.

-  C Foster    USA


“I would like to thank you for such an excellent product. I've spent endless hours watching and studying various free products online with some success, but never had the "light bulb on" moment until your video's. The turning point for me was watching an online video which literally said to hit the apply button and trust that it works! Hard for my brain to accept that... I did some research and found your amazing courses. I actually know what I'm doing now versus following someone's workflow on Youtube! Worth every penny!

-  B Grady    USA

“Adam, I have been putting off for over 2 years seriously starting your Pixinsight tutorials. What a mistake on my part. Just getting thru the fundamentals has been a very uplifting experience in that at even at the old age of 82 I truly do feel I understand the basics of how the various processes are set up and what the settings mean and their effect on the image. So I am most anxious to continue with the next steps of sequencing these processes. Many thanks for your work!!

- R Jones    USA

  “Hi Adam. I'm a new member and just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the Fundamentals videos. In particular I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the videos addressing issues with CMOS chips. As a long-term CCD imager, some of the videos on CMOS calibration issues have really helped me understand them better. I don't think I'm alone in being an amateur who struggled with the cost of the large-chip CCD cameras, and CMOS imaging, with all of its peculiarities, opens a door that was previously firmly shut. Thank you so much for your attention to these issues! Robert English

-  B English    USA

“I have dabbled in astrophotography for some time and followed your adventures through Photoshop to PixInsight. Although my fundamental understanding of the processes and mathematical background of the software are limited it is always a delight to follow your explanations and detail in the presentations.

I have also had a version of PixInsight for many (many) years and made invested many days of effort trying to get to grips with it. Sadly without much success! However, I have found your ‘Fundamentals' package to be most excellent and although not proficient, I feel very confident in using PixInsight thanks to your superb tutorials. I now think it is time to move on so I have invested in Horizons. So pleasures to come! Thank you for putting all this together.

- J Lutkin    USA

“I love these. I am not proficient in PI and probably will never be but they are terrific to just watch and then practice. I particularly like the fact that he goes into a lot of easy to understand theory. I've taken more than one image processing course and these are far more useful than the courses and far cheaper."

"It was good to learn HOW some of the processes work as opposed to just what they do and fiddling with numbers and sliders."

"The explanations for the processes are clear and straight forward. Some of the most simple and straight forward suggestions he made for some of the processes that have continually given me problems have made the biggest improvement in my processing.”



- Cloudy Nights Thread (Click to see all comments)

“Hello Adam Maybe you find the image included interesting for your's the same picture, exactly the same data, but before and after your courses..the data are not perfect, but it's clear some improvement... I hope it will be useful for marketing...


-  P Goles    Chile


Your pictures are masterpieces. Thank you for sharing. Thank you so much also for your on line courses about Pixinsight indeed. They changed my mind and my pictures improved a lot. 🙏 🇮🇹


Here are two pictures; the first is the one I started from, the other is what I was able to get after listening to your Pixinsight Fundamentals videos. Maybe it would not be the best picture ever but I'm pretty satisfied with it.


- F Pelizzo    Italy


“The videos are outstanding. I've been using PI exclusively to process my images for some years now and accordingly have some experience and proficiency with the program. Nonetheless, found the videos to be very helpful and informative. Particularly useful are your easy to follow explanations of how the various tools and processes work. I feel certain that these tutorials will significantly shorten the learning curve for both new and experienced users.

- S Leshin    Arizona

"I have just finished viewing the Pixinsight fundamental sections and Adam has presented an outstanding series that is brilliantly executed. The sessions are well organized and Adam is able to explain very complex subjects and make them understandable. He not only presents the why and how but what to do when things do not go as planned. To me this is invaluable. Before, I have tried to understand various workflows from other sources but became frustrated because I could not get the same results. I almost gave up on Pixinsight. After going through Adam’s sessions, I found a new enthusiasm for the program. Another unique feature is Adams willingness to share freely his vast knowledge and expertise. He always answers question in a timely manner. I would highly recommend this series for beginners and advanced uses, there is something for everyone. The program also makes an excellent reference source that one can use time and time again. I am looking forward to future sessions."


- E Stuckey    


“Wow - Great series of courseware, it's like getting a 2 week workshop at a great price, and at my own pace. I really stepped up my image processing game with Adam's PixInsight tutorials. Can't recommend them highly enough: easy to understand, incredibly thorough, and explains the "why" not just the "how".”

- B Valente    California

“Like your CCDStack and Photoshop video materials, the new PI materials meet the high level of presentation quality that provides the viewer with substantive information to start and improve using PI. Providing users with the philosophy behind using PI processes to meet quality imaging objectives is invaluable. The videos far exceed the information quality found on YouTube or elsewhere. I'm looking forward to the possibility having some example work spaces to follow along with the videos. I am working alone on improving my PI skills and find the videos a powerful way to orient myself in the techniques of quality astrophotography processing that meets my desire to go beyond cookbook demonstrations of the program's use.”

- C Kwadrat    


“Adam's tutorials available in Cosmic Canvas are truly remarkable. As with all of his tutorials, they are clear and concise and a cornucopia of image processing gems that show in detail how the master creates his astonishing astro images. The tutorials cover the entire imaging process from calibrating data in CCDStack to using some indispensable tools in PixInsight. Adam also demonstrates the use of masks in Photoshop to refine image details and many more of pearls of wisdom that will enable everyone to improve their image processing skills. I look forward eagerly to his PixInsight tutorials.”

- M Ascherl    Texas


“Fantastic value for the hours of videos - Professionally done and well presented, entertaining and engaging - definitely top notch.

- S Lewis    New Zealand

“I just wanted to say thank you to you for knowledge sharing of your processing skills and experiences. It was quite a while ago I purchased some of your video guides, “Making every pixel count” series, one for PS and one for CCDStack, and these really helped me on my astrophotography way! I feel strongly that without these I may have never progressed to where I can process now. I use many of the methods shown in those now, and have made adaption’s of these from the test processing I have done. I think your every astrophotographer’s processing hero and global benchmark for the best, stunning results. Thanks a lot for having a look at some of my images, and all the best!

- S Mohr    Australia


“Just wanted to thank you for sharing your expertise in astronomy image processing. Thanks to your video tutorials, I was able to adopt your processing methods and was selected as APOD for today!

Looking forward to your new tutorials, and hopefully some deep dive to PixInsight functionalities as well..”

- P Kehusmaa    Finland




“Adam, you have the best tutorials... I first used them for Photoshop, and now with PixInsight. Your delivery and expertise are perfect and share the right amount of information at the right rate. I love that you keep the humanity in the videos instead of editing out, so that we know you're just like the rest of us, albeit more skilled, and not just a robot! Your work is also breath taking.

T Zittritsch   USA