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Deconvolution is one of a few multi-step techniques that is part of the standard image processing workflow. 

With the advent of BlurXTerminator... the case for using the native blind/iterative LR deconvolution is difficult to make. If you have BlurXTerminator, you might want to review those videos first. For those that are interested in getting deconvolution to work well I recommend watching the "Deconvolution Update of 2021", "Parametric PSF Deconvolution" and the "Deconvolution of OSC Data" (even if you use a "mono" camera). 

These videos are more than a simple step-by-step demonstration. They are an in-depth treatment of the topic. One feature of this tool called "Regularization" is covered in PixInsight Horizons (I consider it a more a complex adjustment.) The Deconvolution process' default values in combination with a mask are demonstrated here.


Introduction 11 minutes
Example (NGC289) 28 minutes
Example (NGC 5866) 36 minutes 
Local Support Addendum 6 minutes  
Deconvolution UPDATE (2021) 29 minutes
Parametric PSF Deconvolution 16 minutes

Deconvolution of OSC Data

(From the Horizons Collection)

39 minutes 


69 minutes

PSFs for BlurXTerminator


Details for Usage of BlurXTerminator

(Interview with Russ Croman)

 80 minutes