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M77: Seyfert Spectacular

This is a legacy video that primarily uses CCDStack and Photoshop with some PixInsight to process the data. Newer videos are found in the PixInsight Edition of the Cosmic Canvas. 


This tutorial totals 200+ minutes of instruction as well as the raw data for M77. One of the special processing features in this video is the use of masks (and alpha channels) to display the faint and bright aspects of this galaxy. This technique can be used on most objects that have this typical processing issue. When you complete your own version... you will be one of a very few that show M77 in its greatest glory.  CCDStack, Photoshop CC, and PixInsight are used to process the data.


Please follow this link to download the associated raw data for M77.


Section 1
  • Introduction
  • Checking out the Files and Data
Section 2
  • Examine Calibration Data (Biases, Darks and Flats)
  • Demonstration of creating a Flat Master
Section 3
  • Calibrate Red Data
  • Apply Fundamental Processing Steps
  • Produce final combined (mean) Red image
Section 4
  • Calibrate, Process and combine Green and Blue data
Section 5
  • Apply PixInsight's DBE on each color channel.
Section 6
  • Create RGB Image
  • Create Synthetic Luminance
  • Deconvolve Luminance image
  • Create Scaled image for Photoshop
  • Blend Sharpened and Original scaled images
Section 7
  • Manage Color layer using Alpha Channels (Masks)
  • Create LRGB image with Luminance and Color layers
Section 8
  • Enhance outer structure of M77
Section 9
  • High Pass Filter enhancements
  • Lab Color adjustment
Section 10
  • Second Pass of DBE in Pixinsight
  • Super Scale UnSharp Mask
Section 11
  • Noise Reduction
  • Last Remarks