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Ron Brecher, PhD

Astrophotographer, author, and instructor


Getting Started in Deep Sky Astrophotography: Choosing and Using Equipment
Ron’s presentation will help those who are considering trying their hand at deep sky astrophotography. He will cover the basic equipment, software and techniques you’ll need to get going in this challenging, rewarding hobby.

Ron has been an avid amateur astronomer for over twenty years, and began photographing the sky in 2006. His deep-sky, Sun and Moon images and articles are regularly featured in print and online magazines, scientific journals, CD covers, websites, calendars and more. Ron uses PixInsight for processing his deep-sky images, acquiring his data mostly from his home observatory north of Guelph, Ontario.

Ron writes regularly for Sky & Telescope and other publications, most recently The Quest for Round Stars in the June 2019 S&T. He is the Technical Reviewer for both editions of Warren Keller’s, Inside PixInsight, published by Springer.

Ron offers private tutoring online, and teams up with Warren Keller to teach two and three-day deep-sky image processing workshops. Ron is a regular speaker at star parties and conferences in the U.S. and Canada.

Ron and his wife Gail live under Bortle 4 skies with two dogs, two cats and two kids in university. In “real life,” Ron holds a PhD and is a board-certified toxicologist with more than 30 years’ consulting experience, specializing in risk assessment and risk communication. To round things out, he plays guitar and sings lead vocals in the R&B band The Exceptions.

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