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These videos, part of the PixInsight Horizons collection, are generally multi-step techniques and a few are innovations for PI by Adam Block. It is recommended and practically assumed that viewers have already reviewed the Fundamentals collection. 










The links below are the same as those found above. The categories above are a better organization... the items below will be removed soon (unless there is feedback to do otherwise). 

UPDATE: Best Comet Processing Video!(Full Example Processing Sessions/C2022E3(ZTF)2023-01-27)


Work Flow Examples

(The primary content of Horizons)

Full Example Processing Sessions  19 videos
Photometric Mosaic  21 videos
Core Horizons Lessons
Continuations of PixInsight Fundamentals
Photometric Color Calibration Magnitude adjustment 7 minutes
HDRMT with NGC 5866 (Part 4) with Masks 30 minutes
Image Integration: Improving Results (demonstration) 22 minutes
Techniques, Fixes and Discoveries
Using SXT to Improve Comet Processing 18 minutes
A Method to Fix Faint Glows (Dust Donuts) 26 minutes
Central Protection Technique 12 minutes
Combining Old and New images (an example) 18 minutes
Color Corrected HDRMT (Russ Croman) 21 minutes
Color Channel Contrast Enhancement 13 minutes
Combining an old and new data sets 42 minutes
Contour Masks 53 minutes
Create Mask by Painting (Clone Stamp Process) 16 minutes
Fabian Neyer Star Removal Technique Part 1 28 minutes
Fabian Neyer Star Removal Technique Part 2 54 minutes
Fix Star Centers with RGB Stars 14 minutes
Fixing Stars (SCNR effect) Example using color channels in Pixel Math. 15 minutes
Insert RGB Stars in Narrowband Image (primary method) 8 minutes
Insert RGB stars into Narrowband image (optional Variation) 21 minutes
Interpretation Of NSG output 26 minute
Masked Stretch Artifact compensation 18 minutes
Multiplicative Contrast Enhancement 12 minutes
Photometric Color Calibration Magnitude adjustment 7 minutes
Repair of Dust Donut without Cloning... 16 minutes
Single Hue Color Blip Removal 16 minutes
Starnet Blending and Star Halo Fix 30 minutes
Stellar Fringe Fix (using ImageSolver and MaskGen scripts) 24 minutes
Walking Noise, Large Scale High Rejection and More 19 minutes


File Organization 14 minutes
Inverted HDRMT Example (Eclipse with Earthshine)  14 minutes