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LDN 238 

Includes standard processing (2024)

Discussion/Demonstration of Normalize Scale Gradient

Discussion/Demonstration of FindBackground Script

 5 videos

M101 Supernova


  3 videos

C2022 E3 (ZTF) LRGB 2023-01-31

Telescope Live

LRGB example

(standard non-SXT technique)

   3 videos

M51 with H-alpha (Continuum Subtraction)

This is an excellent standard treatment of galaxy data. The data is courtesy of Keith Allred. (i.e. non-Adam-data).

 10 videos

Eta Draconis Nebula

An "OK" example of dealing with a dusty image. The NGC 1333 example in Fundamentals is truly "state of the art." 


Published August 2022

   4 videos

NGC 3614

A solid processing example and it is discovery data. 


Published in 2021

 15 videos

NGC 6946

A simple processing exercise. Consider reprocessing with the latest tools of PixInsight. 

Published in 2018

  8 videos

NGC 6250 Subtle Sparkle

Inclusion of Ha data shown. This video is before the new tools such as StarXTerminator existed. 

Published in 2019

 14 videos

GUM 15 Stellar Winds in the Sails of Vela

A good solid processing tutorial. A few nice color techniques are shown. Substitute newer processes as necessary. 

Published in 2020

 13 videos

NGC 2835 Southern Spiral Beauty

A good solid processing tutorial. Just substitute newer processes and techniques. 

Published in 2020

 11 videos