Master Classes 






vdB 1: Beautiful Nebula

This is a legacy video that primarily uses CCDStack and Photoshop with some PixInsight to process the data. Newer videos are found in the PixInsight Edition of the Cosmic Canvas. 


This tutorial totals 200+ minutes of instruction as well as the raw data for vdB 1. Indeed, this tutorial represents one of the most comprehensive produced in this series.  Much of the data is subarcsecond in resolution- few people get to work with this kind of high quality information. Indeed, this is *not* a well-known field. When you complete your own version... you will be one of a very few that have really examined this astronomical field in detail. CCDStack, Photoshop CS5, and PixInsight are used to process the data. 


Please follow the link here to download the associated raw data of vdb 1.

Section 1
  • Master Flats
  • Data Examination
  • Job Processor Introduction
  • Creation of Luminance Script
Section 2
  • Script Execution (Luminance)
  • Combined Luminance
  • Create RGB Script
Section 3
  • Combined RGB Gradient Removal (PixInsight)
  • Deconvolution of Luminance
  • Scaling of Luminance
Section 4
  • Photoshop: Blend Luminance images
  • Blend RGB with Luminance (Shadows/Highlights)
Section 5
  • High Pass Filter
  • Bright Star Correction
  • Lab Color Adjustment
Section 6
  • Star Minimization (PixInsight)
  • Star Halo (color) Adjustment
  • Multiplicative Contrast Enhancement
Section 7
  • Noise Reduction