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Richard Wright

Richard S. Wright Jr.

Astrophotographer, author, image processor, and graphics programmer


Running Your Rig with New Tech
Richard will discuss how to set up and acquire images using cutting edge technologies such as the Raspberry Pi.

A computer programmer by profession, Richard is an author of the highly regarded OpenGL SuperBible. He has been involved in the astronomy hobby for years, both professionally and personally. Currently working for Software Bisque, Richard has developed software for both professional observatories, as well as the amateur community. In his role as Software Bisque's ambassador, he has visited star parties and astronomical events all over the United States. In that capacity, he has a wealth of experience using all kinds of equipment, setting up for image acquisition, taking images, and processing them.

Richard is a Sky & Telescope blogger and contributing author as well as a frequent contributor to the online magazines: Astronomy Technology Today ( and Amateur Astronomy Magazine ( . His tutorials covering image acquisition and processing which can be found at the Sky & Telescope blog above, and on his own website listed below. Of a less technical nature, Richard has also written a book entitled The Evening Show: Revealing the Universe Through Astrophotography, which is available on the Apple iBooks bookstore and on Kindle via

Richard has his own observatory in Okeechobee County, Florida. In March 2019, Richard is very pleased to have joined the APOD club.

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