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Adam Block

Professional Astronomy Researcher, Renowned Astrophotographer, Professional Image Processing Instructor, AIC Hubble Award Recipient, AIC Board Member


Advanced PixInsight Processing
In this workshop Adam will discuss and demonstrate advanced techniques for processing images in PixInsight. It is likely he will highlight some of his latest innovations as well as demonstrate methods for solving common problems.

Adam developed the public observing programs at Kitt Peak National Observatory (1996-2005). Later he founded the Mount Lemmon SkyCenter (2007) at the University of Arizona, which uses 24-inch and 32-inch telescopes for public outreach. He currently continues to work in the Department of Astronomy at the University of Arizona.

Adam’s images are used as references by amateurs and professional researchers alike. The Space Telescope Science Institute, Chandra Observatory, Spitzer, and many observatories around the world have used his images for various purposes. The images have also appeared in Nature, Time, and National Geographic magazines, and other popular astronomy literature. Some of his work has permeated into worldwide popular culture, being featured as cover art for Dance/Electronica musical artist Paul van Dyk, and sold on high-quality silk scarves in Europe. He has discovered asteroids, a supernova, and a galactic star stream. In his off-time, Adam is a competitive Table Tennis player.

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