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NGC 521: Spiralness

This is a legacy video that primarily uses CCDStack and Photoshop with some PixInsight to process the data. Newer videos are found in the PixInsight Edition of the Cosmic Canvas. 


This tutorial totals 200+ minutes of instruction as well as the raw data for NGC 521. One of the special features of this video is the construction of a generalized script for the intial processing of data in CCDStack. In addtion Adam demonstrates the use of the double color method and the soft light enhancement which are useful for faint and low contrast objects.  CCDStack, Photoshop CC, and PixInsight are used to process the data.


Download the raw data for this object here. 

Section 1
  • Work with the Luminance Data
  • Create the combined,deep result
Section 2
  • Create a generalized script to process the RGB data
Section 3
  • Create the combined RGB data
Section 4
  • Background modelization (DBE in PixInsight)
Section 5
  • Deconvolve the Luminance and blend in Photoshop
Section 6
  • Blend the Luminance with RGB
  • Minor Double Color Example
  • Apply modest High Pass Filter to Luminance
Section 7
  • Enchance the color in the Lab mode
  • Control areas of overadjustment using a mask.
Section 8
  • Apply Noise Reduction and use SoftLight for final enhancements.